The ebook

Taken in by America
An outsider's look at America and the American
The ebook

The three volumes which form the nucleus of this site may be downloaded free of charge. This edition includes the September to November 2011 circuit of the 'Louisiana Purchase' territory and ends with the September through October 2012 presidential election tour.

Ebook reading applications are readily available from various sites.

We recommend Kovid Goyal's versatile Calibre

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The ebook(epub) - iPad, Nexus and most other ebook  'readers'
The ebook(lrf)      - Sony
The ebook(mobi)  - Kindle

Volume 1 DRM-free(epub) - iPad, Nexus  and most other ebook  'readers'
Volume 1 DRM-free(lrf)      - Sony
Volume 1 DRM-free(mobi)  - Kindle

Volume 2 DRM-free(epub) - iPad, Nexus  and most other ebook  'readers'
Volume 2 DRM-free(lrf)      - Sony
Volume 2 DRM-free(mobi)  - Kindle

For Leo

Volume 3 DRM-free(epub) - iPad, Nexus  and most other ebook  'readers'
Volume 3 DRM-free(lrf)      - Sony
Volume 3 DRM-free(mobi)  - Kindle

Should most everything else fail, here's the trusty pdf version
The ebook(pdf) 

And if not even that helps please contact us
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